Deep Booth Karaoke
The first karaoke photo booth based on deepfake technology.

Do you imagine to watch Napoleon singing "Like a virgin"? What about the great Vincent van Gogh singing "Ne me Quitte Pas"? or even Marlon Brando playing as the amazing singer Adele?

We all have heroes & heroines, and for sure most of them loved to sing in their intimate, unfortunately we are not able to live those magic moments and even less with people who have already passed away. Can you imagine using your hero as an avatar to make him/her sing your favorite song? ..... LOL ^-^

We have designed the first karaoke photo booth based on deepfake technology. The use is quite simple:

1º Select your favorite tune, 2º Select you character (famous person) 3º The Karaoke starts so here is your turn to star singing ....and let the magic of Artificial Intelligence turn your face into the one you selected!



We were honored to be selected for the first exhibition of the new cultural centre Le Pavillon thanks to the KIKK Festival organization who curated and produced this unique venue.

Under the conceptual frame of this exhibition: Humans / Machines -- "Through the eyes of artists, students, researchers, and entrepreneurs, the exhibition questions the implications of the development of artificial intelligence technologies and their limitations in the imitation of natural processes, human behaviours, and creativity." (KIKK Festival Team) We designed and created a playful installation to offer the audience the opportunity to experiment the possibilities of the technology to create fictions.

Deepfake is all around even for those who have not too much access to hi-tech. Things are changing quite fast. What in the past used to be an undeniable proof, such as a photo, a video, a manuscript, a sonorous testimony... nowadays can be fake. We, as a creative technology studio, are fascinated with the unlimited possibilities we find in the intersection between technology, popular culture and design. We love to revisit machines as the classic Karaoke and give it a spin from a contemporary look.

The visitors will discover the world of deepfakes, robots, machines imitating humans, and environments generated by algorithms. For the opening of the new museum Le Pavillon in Namur, Belgium, we designed and built a a karaoke using deepfakes. You can just select the character you want to fake and sing your favorite song and the AI magic will happen. The deepbooth will create an unique deepfake clip that you can download to share on the social network you wish.

We have used the infamous algorithm First Order Motion Model for Image Animation to create realtime deepfake animations. See some results.

Photos of the stage by Stokk Studio


A Project by: Espadaysantacruz Studio
Client: Le Pavillion Museum
Powered by: Python  & TensorFlow
May - 2021