A Story in Movement
A experimental installation for Universal Robots

An experimental installation for the Danish company Universal Robots. UR has developed an amazing range of robots, called cobots: collaborative robots that everyone can use. We have been working with them to look into robotics in a different way; creating innovative experiences in which technology and creativity blend together.

In this project, each robot have a screen in its hand, together perform a choreography while an inspiring story is shown in the screens. The movement of the arms and the images on the screens are synchronized. The story is told along the screens, as a single continuous display, in which the animation is adapted to the position and rotation of the devices.

Concepts and Graphics


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A Project Directed by: Espadaysantacruz Studio
Client: Universal Robots
Storyline and graphics: Devicers
Graphic revisionDosdecadatres
Sound Artist: Federico Guardabrazo
Robot programming: Espadaysantacruz  & Universal Robots
June - 2018